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Perky Plant

Organic Succulent Plant Food

Organic Succulent Plant Food

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Perky Plant's Organic Succulent Fertilizer is an organic, water soluble plant food full of nutrients and bio-stimulants that will make your plants as Perky as can be!

  • Mission Driven - Perky Plant is on a mission to improve the mental health of 1M people through awareness, periodic giving to charities and events that reach young adults in the most at-risk years of their lives.
  •  Organic Plant Food - Our Succulent Plant Food Fertilizer is formulated to increase growth in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Promotes Growth - Strong enough for Outdoor Plants and gentle enough for Indoor Plants. Perky Plant includes additional micronutrients like mycorrhizae bone meal and many others that support healthy growth in plants.
  • Easy To Use - Perky Plant comes in an easy to use shaker bottle that makes watering fun! Simply shake Perky Plant directly onto plant pots soil or mix directly into your watering cans.


Organic -Small Batch -Eco-Friendly 

It all started with two friends and a plan.

We're Alex and Andrew, best friends and roommates for 5 years. Like many others, we got into plants during the pandemic of 2020 because we were overworked and very unhappy. We've always believed that your environment affects your mood but it wasn't until we bought half a dozen plants that we realized the power of having living things in your environment. We don't know if it's the requirement of sunlight, the bright colors, or seeing the growth of the plant but once we had healthy plants in our home we were much happier! Then....the plants started dying. So we did what any new plant owner does, we started using plant food fertilizer! It was after our second purchase that we had our AHA moment, "why don't we make our own plant food?" Better, yet, let's build a brand focused on improving mental health of people like us that are in the most at-risk age group! So that's exactly what we did and in the Summer of 2021 we launched Perky Plant.

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