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Vinoos Sophisticated Wine Gummies - Chardonnay

Vinoos Sophisticated Wine Gummies - Chardonnay

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Edible wine? You heard it here first! 

Each bite seeks to achieve the taste of that first sip of wine, without actually drinking.These real wine gummies aren't candy for children, but an adult luxury product.

These gummies are suitable for vegetarians  and vegans, and contain zero gluten, fat, nuts, gelatin, and lactose. Vinoos wine gummies also contain no artificial colors. 

This listing is for a single gift box of Vinoos Sophisticated Wine Gummies. Select from Chardonnay, Rosè, Merlot - or try one of each! 

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  • Fun, whimsical pick up item for the wine lover in your life! 
  • These wine gummies are great. They really taste like wine but are alcohol-free. 
  • I truly love this product and can't believe there isn't any alcohol in them because the product really does taste like wine! 
  • These are absolutely perfect for the wine lover, foodie, sophisticated-friend, hard to buy for co-worker, great "girlfriends" or bridesmaid name it. 


Women Owned - Small Batch - Not on Amazon

Wine lovers and gift-givers are devoted to our handmade and delicious wine treats. We are a women-owned company, creating the best tasting WINE gummy in the world. Like you just took a sip of wine! VINOOS is a new weekly treat, to taste that good bottle. A glass of wine in your pocket, that people can have anywhere and everywhere.


Glucose syrup, sugar, modified starch (corn, wheat, potato), acid: citric acid, lactic acid, Exotic and creamy Chardonnay wine aroma, vegetable oil (coconut), glazing agent: carnauba wax.

1.8 oz.

🌿Eco Friendly ✋Handmade 🌱Organic

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