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Cocktail Garnish Co.

Small Batch Orange Cocktail Garnish

Small Batch Orange Cocktail Garnish

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These orange garnishes are great for rum cocktails, vodka cocktails, and many of the classic cocktail recipes. 

Our oranges are dehydrated all natural for more than half a day. Orange sizes differ as we use nearly the whole orange, but will not include pieces too small to be of use to your cocktails. We field the largest oranges we can find at the time to give each bag a healthy mix of smaller and larger slices. Smaller orange slices may look sexier affixed to glassware with a small clothespin! Larger dehydrated orange slices will sit nicely on top of the cocktail or clear block ice cube.

  • 12 slices of dehydrated oranges per bag 

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Born on December 8th, 2020, bartenders Justin Benfaida and Anthony Rossetti sold their first bag of dehydrated fruit. Out of a necessity to streamline a simple yet unforgiving task of dehydrating fruit for our bars we felt there was a market to ease the work load for our fellow colleagues.

Over the next few years Cocktail Garnish Co. would go on to attend expos, supply cruise ships, casinos, resorts, and bars. Where we excel in helping large scale operations in a wholesale capacity we also sell our garnishes direct to bars that don't have the time to clean, slice, and dry fruit.

We seek to supply those with near zero lead times who are looking to save time, reduce labor costs and reduce produce waste. Scaling a dehydration business is an incredibly hard fete due to the extremely long times it takes to produce fruit and high labor requirements. Our continued mission is to keep our shipping times quick  and provide high quality dehydrated garnishes at fair prices.

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