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Burnt Sugar

Seafoam Toffee

Seafoam Toffee

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Flavor best described as “the tastiest part of a toasted marshmallow.” The micro-bubbles in this toffee make it light, crispy, and easy on your teeth. Also called Honeycomb or Spongecandy.

Ingredients: Sugar, water, corn syrup, apple cider vinegar, vanilla extract, baking soda.

Size: 2.5oz

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Organic - Small Batch - Handmade in the USA

Melinda Norman (our founder and artisan confectioner) brings flavors and textures from the past back into style. 

Melinda started her career as a pastry chef in Minnesota. After years of being in the restaurant industry, she knew she needed the creative freedom to reflect her eccentric style in her work.

And thus, Burnt Sugar was born! We’re handcrafted and spunky. Retro and original. Artisanal and affordable. We don't like to compromise.

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