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Onyx Deluxe Coffee - Southern Weather

Onyx Deluxe Coffee - Southern Weather

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Southern Weather embodies everything we love about specialty coffee and has evolved into a foundational blend. We brew this in our own cafes as a “House” filter option and love how it balances the relationship between modern citric acidity flavors with full bodied chocolates. This comfortable, yet surprisingly complex and sophisticated coffee is approachable to all. It performs well on its own for the purist or with fats such as dairy or plant based beverages, making it a true answer for all coffee needs.


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Years ago we started telling each other to “Never Settle for Good Enough.” This mentality has developed into a mantra that permeates every thing that we do at Onyx. It starts with traveling to find the absolute best coffees, which plays out across different countries, continents, and terrains. We maintain high standards for how our coffees score and taste, and we roast and cup through every batch, adjusting the roast profiles until the coffees shine in the cup. We roast and ship every weekday utilizing solar energy from the roof of our facility. 

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