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Heirloomed Collection

Keepsake Quilted Linen Oven Mitt Set - Olive

Keepsake Quilted Linen Oven Mitt Set - Olive

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Our Keepsake Collection is expanding into your kitchen with these functional sets. Each set features a striped oven mitt and a double sided pot holder that features a solid color on one side with a stripe color on the other. Each item is complete with a small heirloomed star tag .


Women Owned - Handmade - Small Batch - Made in the USA

We design meaningful pieces that help busy families create cherished family heirlooms and the memories that go with them. Growing up, things were always made from scratch. We all sat down together for dinner. And, we had the best birthday cakes on the block. This notion of simple has driven us from the start. The original company & collection was inspired by my grandmother, Cele. As the company and the collection began to grow, the concept of the heirloom remained the leading presence behind our brand and we pride ourselves in "goods inspired by the past, for generations to enjoy." Each of our pieces are inspired by vintage details, splattered family recipe cards, and craftsmanship details and are meant to be used, loved and passed down through the generations. Our collection of aprons, table linens, candles, home accessories and keepsake gifts are truly the heirlooms of tomorrow.

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