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Hydrating Face Mist- Prickly Pear- Travel-Sized

Hydrating Face Mist- Prickly Pear- Travel-Sized

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Hydrating Essence Face Mist with Prickly Pear + 4D Hyaluronic

Acid A weightless, concentrated facial essence to boost hydration. Now available in a mini face mist version.

Size: 2.2 fl oz

What it does:

  • Balances skin's pH after cleansing
  • Improves overall tone and texture
  • Retains moisture and boosts hydration

Key Ingredients: Four molecular weights of hyaluronic acid are used to actively target the three layers of skin. This special blend locks in moisture on the epidermis (top layer), holds onto the moisture in the dermis (the second layer) and prevents water loss from the subcutaneous fat (bottom layer).

Enhanced with Prickly Pear and Chaparral extracts to retain moisture and give skin a much-needed vitamin and mineral boost.

Packaging:  PET bottle with fine mist sprayer. Recyclable

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Eco Friendly - Small Batch - Handmade

With so many skin care lines and a constant influx of new products, it's all too easy for your beauty routine to become overly complicated, dictated by the latest trends.

What if we stripped away the extraneous, from the superficial packaging to the fillers without any impact on performance, distilling skin care down to only what's essential? The result is Ænon's, a line of products that is Minimal, Versatile, and Honest™.

  • We are an AAPI woman-owned and operated business.
  • We create our small-batch skin and body care goods in-house in Southern California.
  • Our products have been featured in Vogue, Elle France, Refinery 29, The Hollywood Reporter, Thoughtfully Magazine, New Beauty, Origin, Mind Body Green, Sunset, and more.
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