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The Crispery

Happy Birthday Crispycake

Happy Birthday Crispycake

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Perfect for BIrthday celebrations. Multi color sprinkles on top of our classic Crispycake with a label that says Happy Birthday and includes a candle specially sealed (does not touch the cake) on the top of the cake. Unwrap, stick the candle in the cake, light it up and you're ready to sing Happy Birthday to your special person. This is so unique that your Birthday friend will marvel over the fact that you got them such a unique special gift.

Like all Crispycakes this has an 11 month shelf life from the manufactured date.

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Women Owned - Handmade - Not on Amazon

The Crispery has been making gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKES for over a decade. Creating the most unique and delectable rice CRISPYCAKE with gooey sweetness and just the right amount of crunch. Over 50 varieties to choose from, all handmade to perfection. Sold in America's finest stores, with an 11 month shelf life. Always fresh, soft and gooey, never hard and sticky. Guaranteed quality using only the best ingredients.

One bite and you will relive your childhood with a taste better than your Mom's recipe. Simply the best ever! Perfect for snacks, gifts, desserts and always served to the delight of everyone that gets to indulge! The Crispery's service to customers and making sure of 100% satisfaction is unsurpassed. The owner is involved in every aspect of the business and most of all making sure customers are pleased. For the most attractive, unique treat anywhere you must experience The Crispery Crispycakes!

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