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Winnie Lou- The Canine Co.

Bison Heart Bits - Cat Treats

Bison Heart Bits - Cat Treats

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Our cat treats are single-ingredient and 100% grass-fed bison heart. Full of iron, copper, and zinc for a healthy cat. High quality protein and no added salt, sugar, glycerin, or preservatives!

Ingredients: Bison Heart

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    It all started with a food truck for dogs and a mission to bring locally sourced ingredients from Colorado farms to our fur-legged family.

    We believe in doing right by our dogs. That’s why we make treats that dogs go crazy for while also nourishing their body for the long run. We use only human-grade ingredients, and focus on sustainable, organic proteins and produce from our local farmers. Our dogs are our family and we want them to live long, healthy, happy lives by our side.

    We believe happy dogs make happy people. To honor this, we donate 3% of net profits back into local dog rescues.

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