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Olivo Amigo

Apertivo Gift Set

Apertivo Gift Set

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In Spain, Aperitivo are the small bites you have with a drink around lunchtime.

Perhaps you go to the bar with your friends to have a beer and order some small appetizers, or you enjoy some snacks with your partner at home while you sip on sangria.

This gift set will inspire you to make that same experience your own as you nourish your body and indulge in a celebration of life and happiness. 


  • Mini Spark Vinegar (100ml),
  • Mini Vitality EVOO (100ml)
  • Elevate Spices Blend
  • A whisk!
Perfect For: Pasta, sauces, dips, salads, warm bread, dressings, meat, fish, fruit, ice cream, and cocktails.
Our products are made in small batches with handpicked organic and single-origin ingredients grown on family farms.

Women-Owned - Small-Batch - Handmade - Organic

At Olivo Amigo, we celebrate the beauty of real, high-quality ingredients and the infusion of emotion into food. We want to inspire you with joyful memories around the table with our sustainably grown olive oil, artisan vinegar, hand-picked spices, and vibrant ceramics.

We carefully craft every ingredient so that you can experience the health and well-being of good food and laughter-filled celebrations. Our family-owned farms bring the Mediterranean experience to you.
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